Tuesday, December 14, 2010

There are no coincidences

Yesterday, i got a divorce. Today both Zac Efron and Ryan Reynolds announce their splits from their significant others. Coincidence???

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Katherine Feeding Maddie

I know, dull. But it was my first attempt at uploading video on Flickr - so humor me.

A new year, a new start

So, i decide not to rant in my blog anymore and what happens??? *cricket*cricket *cricket

In reality, I'm super busy. I think of things to blog but I'm never near a computer when i think of it.

I'm also kicking around talking about cheap things i like. Like my favorite cheap wine of the moment or that really nice ( and cheap) shampoo that i really like.....

Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.....

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Seriously - i try not to rant so much. But really. I HATE my DLP. Its by Mitsubishi. It is the most worthless POS we've ever wasted so much money on. And when i say POS I don't mean "Stuff". I mean that bad word i get in trouble with my kids if it slips out. I wish there were a worse word to describe it, because I would use it.

We haven't had it that long, the lamp ( around 200 a pop) has burned out TWICE. The last time we replaced it was LESS THAN A MONTH AGO. Now the TV has the green blinking light of death. We get sound, but we get no picture. Do a google search and you will find this is a known problem with NO KNOWN CURE. The only solution i saw online that i liked involved a driveway and a car running the TV over.

Seriously DON'T EVER BUY A DLP. Don't even let someone GIVE YOU ONE. And run twice as fast if it is a MITSUBISHI.

Ok, NOW i will try not to rant so much. :) But its Shark week , for goodness sake, and sound only just doesn't cut it! I HATE YOU MITSUBISHI!!! (opps, sorry)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Great Wolf Lodge Video

Its long - and the magi-quest is still a beating even on tape. LOL

WOW, I've been a busy girl!!

This has been a busy summer! June Started off well. I had my birthday and anniversary all in one week. We went to a rough riders game with the girls on a beautiful evening. It was fun.

After the week of my birthday and anniversary I got sick. No Dr verification, but I'm pretty sure it was the swine flu - as I had every one of the symptoms. It was a mild case, and I got better pretty quickly but I STILL have a cough. Also, my kids got it the next week, and its just been one thing after another.

K1 has been playing indoor soccer. I've really enjoyed it! She has been goalie - and pretty good at it too.

We also had some wicked weather during the soccer game and had to evacuate to a bathroom. It's amazing how many people can fit in one long bathroom. I also love my iphone where I can check the radar on the go. Much geek goodness.

On the 4th we went to an adventure camp where you had to walk EVERYWHERE. I must have walked over 10 miles in 24 hours ( in 100 degree heat). We ended up doing a lot of fishing. It was really fun (and there was shade - glorious shade).

We even caught a catfish

Then last weekend we went to the great wolf lodge - which is an indoor water park hotel resort thing. From there I determined that I totally had a bikini body if I go by what others were wearing. (Which is NOT a good thing!)

The kids were also in love with this "quest thing" where you go on adventures with an overpriced interactive wand over 8 floors of the hotel. (using the freaking stairs) I have never climbed so many flights of stairs in my entire life. Up to floor 8, down to floor 5, back up to 6, down to 1, back up to 4.... you get the idea. (oh, and in flip flops. I mean, who takes tennis shoes to a water park?) Pictures to come. Phillip is hogging them.

I asked Phillip that if we go somewhere next weekend that please, please, please let it not require walking.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mr Wii Fit Snarky

My hubby got me a Wii fit for Christmas ( yes, I asked for it).

After I got it I read a blurb somewhere claiming the Wii fit was a bit "judgmental" - but i hadn't seen it, and didn't think much about it.

So, I've been using it - or TRYING to use it when the kids aren't around. If they are around, they take it over. I like the step and the boxing, and its pretty fun.

First thing I noticed was Mr Wii Fit asking me if I had seen "Bruce" (k2's mii) around lately because he hadn't been working out.

It then asked me to pick from a list "how Bruce was looking?" I clicked "i don't know" and it said "Maybe i should pay more attention" - um Really?

Then there was the day I'd gained a pound. Mr Wii fit wanted me to pick from a list just why I thought I had gained a pound and reminded me that I'd never hit my goal this way.

Then came the time i missed a few days - oh brother. ( I got this screen shot from another site - clearly I am not alone in being berated)

Last week I got on and I had missed 25 days. 25 days! Oh the Horror! Mr Wii Fit said that was ok, it still recognized me and "it's so nice to see you again, BRUCE".

No, my Mii's name is not Bruce. That's K2's Mii that Mr Wii Fit is so worried about.

That Mr Wii Fit - he's a character. Like i need yet another sarcastic member in my household. NOT. ;)